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G.V.Prakash Kumar - Saivam
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Movie: Saivam New
Cast: Nasar, Baby Sarah, Kousalya
Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar
Year: 2014
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Music Review

Director Vijay and Baby Sara are back again, this time for Saivam which also Nasser in the lead cast. Touted to be an out and out rural centric movie, the music is composed by Vijay’s favorite composer GV Prakash and who else. Lets turn on the Ipod to see whats in store.


Singer: Uthara

The song is fresh as a morning breeze, adding the rightful crispness to whats required. Uthara’s amazing vocals fill the aroma with tenderness all around. GV’s composition trots around classical Raaga and then jumps between the interludes to various sections of classical orchestration. This will be the pick of the album for its simplicity and sheer brilliance.


Singer(s): Chinna Ponnu, Gana Bala, Ashwitha, Harish, Aishwarya

The film as we know centers on Baby Sara, apparently her fun loving childhood as well, and a song probably to showcase the rural side of the life with carefree happiness. As usual GV’s collaboration with GanaBala has created wonders and this song along with GanaBala, Chinnaponnu and a bunch of kids take you back to your childhood. That said, the song has faint reminiscences of GV’s trademark rural songs all over.

Moments of Life:

Singer: G.V.Prakash Kumar

GV’s tryst with instruments is always nothing short of wonder and has been evident in Deivathirumagal, Thandavam and much more albums. Falling in the line, this instrumental section is an abode of orchestration that ripples with strings and soul dropping violin segments. The song should be the apt for a wonderful background score with its rich orchestration.

Ore Oruooril:

Singer: Haricharan

GV Prakash and his reluctance to give up melodies never seem to cease amazing us. Haricharan’s scintillating vocals entice the scoring and give us what is nothing short of a clean melody. Yet again set in the rural milieu, the song is rich in the vocals rather than the instrumentation and GV captures the mood in the right manner. The pianistic experience creates wonders between the interludes is probably the main uplifting factor.


Singer: Naveen Kumar

Yet another song drenched in Carnatic music comes out with usual GV signature. Piano is the key with the sleazy flute clubbed, it’s a melodically uplifting. This is the instrumental version of the Azhgu song, and looks more of a BGM score.

Verdict : An album to test the emotions