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Ilayaraja - Un Samayal Araiyil
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C: Sandhya
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Un Samayal Araiyil

Movie: Un Samayal Araiyil New
Cast: Sneha, Prakash Raj
Music: Ilayaraja
Year: 2014
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Music Review

The remake of the Malayalam blockbuster “Salt and pepper” has Prakash raj and Sneha in the lead roles with a couple of other new comers I the cast as well. The maestro is back for scoring a memorable composition, with Prakash raj helming the directors hat along with his acting skills as well.


Singer – KailashKher, Lyrics – PalaniBarathi

As you might have guessed, the movie trots around food and the song captures the essence of it quite naturally. Kailash has crooned a rather tasty song with his neat vocals, as it traverses between Hindustani loose ghazal and the western juicy tunes. Palani’s lyrics are neat with delivering the intention of food’s importance and the tastes that it can make you forget everything else.


Singers – Ranjith, Vibhavari, Lyrics – PalaniBarathi

A slow and enjoyable tune in place, the Eeram song is the melody you are looking for through this album. Ilayaraja’s trademark signature is all over the number with Ranjith’s vocals just creating magical rhythms of its own. There is no much hustle on this song for it just breezes through the orchestration with its wetness.


Singers – Karthik, Ramya NSK, Lyrics – PalaniBarathi

This marks the highlight of the whole album, for its maestro at his best. The level of difference that he delivers from his eighties to now is remarkable. With quite a lot of impressive guitar section and occasional inclusion of bass, the track runs through the interludes with a lot of startling flutes, guitars and varied instrumentation. Karthik and Ramya NSK look to run amok with their rattling performances and the electronic gist in the aromatic theme sets pace for auplifting melody.


Singer – Ilayaraja, Lyrics – PalaniBarathi

The slow emotional track of the album is here, and who better than the great musician of Tamil Cinema could have crooned it better! Ilayaraja strike a master piece with this track that dwells heavily on sorrow and call it loss or coincidence the song has it all. After all these years, the maestro’s vocals are still enjoyable to hear and no wonder does it make him the king of the melody genre.