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Deva - Dummy Tappasu
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Dummy Tappasu

Movie: Dummy Tappasu New
Cast: Praveen Prem, Ramya Pandian
Music: Deva
Year: 2014
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Music Review

After a long hiatus, almost 3 years, Deva returns to what he does best. Though the entire album is not something would stamp his arrival as a great one. But he definitely fulfills the void created by him. Though the name of the movie is, Dummy Tappasu, it indeed cracks couple of atom bombs.

1. Anju Pathu

Singer: Deva

How many songs would put us immediately into foot tapping mode at the first listen itself? Well, the Vintage, Deva does it so easily with this number. The tune is a throwback to early 70′s, and it is more of a tribute to the great, Chandrabu. Even after so many years, Deva nails this, Madras gaana style and announce himself as the ultimate in this genre. The tablas, sax, and bit of trumpets will make you press the repeat button for few times.

2. Adiye Flowerae

Singer: Deva

Suprisingly, the first 30 seconds of the song opens with a dreamy chorus whistling across. And Deva takes off the lyrics with the local flavor to match the westernized tune pleasantly dominated by, piano. “Adiye flowerae, rainbow la center colour eh-engadi neeyum pora” is a brilliant piece imagination from the madras lingo. But sadly, the song goes haywire from the second minute. Though the ghatam & flute keeps you engrossed in the interlude, it goes bizzarre later. May be that’s how the situation demanded from the story point. Worth a listen though!

3. Adiye Flowerae

Singer: Mukesh

Mukesh’s version of above song. This sounds better than the Deva’s version. Mukesh sings with a pinch of college goer’s attitude and that makes it more listenable than the other version. This might well end up being repeated constantly in all the music channels.

4. Enna Idhu

Singer: Lakshmi Chandru

A very short and sweet number from the composer. Somewhere the tune reminds a famous number from, Bollywood. The orchestration stands out completely for 130 seconds. Not sure the story demanded bland lyric comprises of words we use every day or that is what been offered to fit the bill. Better lyrics would have done wonders to this tune. Yenda en magane – Kavitha Gopi

Kavitha escalates this Pathos to another level with her scintillating voice. The lyrics gives an idea that, it is about a cry from a mom who lost her son. The Sax part to start, Ghatam to penultimate, and getting back Sax to complete the song is a good attempt. It is quite refreshing to see composers restricting most of the tune nowadays between 3-4 mins. Especially, a genre like, Pathos should not be extended for not more than 4 mins.