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Harris Jeyaraj - Yaan
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Movie: Yaan New
Cast: Jeeva, Thulasi Nair
Music: Harris Jeyaraj
Year: 2014
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Music Review

Ravi K Chandran, the man who pennned beautiful poems with his lens has decided to wear the Director's hat. They say, Cinematographers are half directors, since they are the ones who capture & visualize the mood of the directors. With Harris Jayaraj on board to take care of the tunes with one of the most colorful cinematographer, we can expect more colors only. And, that is what exactly happened with, 'Yaan'. One of the most expected OST of the year has announced its arrival in a grand way.

1. Aathangara Orathil

Singer(s): Gana Bala, Mc Vickey

This song is a terrific start to the album, efficiently rendered by, Gana Bala & MC Vickey. Harris has dished out a brand new genre by combining Kuthu & Rap in the right proportion. The rap portions are written & delivered very funnily. Gana Bala transforms himself into a stylish rap singer during the second stanza to stamp his diverse vocal qualities. With Harris, we can expect all the instruments to stand out and makes its own noise. This song takes the orchestration & mixing to another level.

2. Hey Lamba Lamba

Singer(s): Devan Ekambaram, Divya Vijay, Krishna Iyer

What starts off like a, African beat, slowly migrates into a groovy gospel-ish tune. Glad to hear, Devan Ekambaram after a brief hiatus. The mild ambient guitar layers over the clapping sounds, chorus, and occasional drums are absolutely pleasant. This is least surprising as it comes from a phenomenal guitarist called Harris. Lyrics by legend Valee, gives an idea that this song was composed at least an year ago. With verses like, "Vaa nanba nanbaa.. paadava oor venbaa.. yaarume paadadha penbaa" Valee leaves his legacy forever.

3. Latcham Calorie

Singer(s): Arjun Menon, Chinmayi

Harris got this knack of delivering instantly likeable tunes in every album. One could travel a few years ago to recall how the entire TN was crazy about, 'Hasili Fisili' (Aadhavan). This is right up there and even knocks out all the previous chartbusters. Chinamyi has created a niche that whichever the tune she takes up; it gets elevated to multiple levels only to make it more beautiful. Pa. Vijay is back to what he does best in the film industry. With some ultimate imaginative words like, 'Neuron-galum sinungum.. Proton-galum mayangum... en penmaiyum kirangum.. Nee otrai vaarthai pesinaale'. Harris's usual chorus gels wonderfully well with the centre tune.

4. Nee vandhu ponadhu

Singer(s): Kay Kay, Bombay Jaysree, N.S.K. Ramya

Ramya kick starts the tune with Arabic chants, and Kay Kay takes the cake from there on. One more interesting mix from, Harris, by making the world Carnatic music to shake hands with, Trance. The attempt is a mighty success. With every passing year, Bombay Jaysree gets better and better. The association with, Harris, has always brought the best in her. The last 120 seconds of the song is mind blowing where, Carnatic, Trance, and Ramya's Arabic chants compete with each other to let us divulge into three different worlds.

5. Nenje Nenje

Singer(s): Unni Krishnan, Chinmayi

A soothing melody dominated by acoustic guitars. When was the last time, Unni rendered his voice? He is absolutely irreplaceable and still sounds exactly the way he sounded 20 years before. Chinamyi joins almost at the end of the song to help the rhythm flourish with her own style. The guitar that starts at 02.02 to till the end of the song conveys a parallel love story on its own. A very pleasant but a short track to sign off the album.