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Thaman S - Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam
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Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam

Movie: Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam New
Cast: Arya, Amala Paul, Vijay Sethupathi, Vishal, Sivakarthikeyan, Taapsee Pannu
Music: Thaman S
Year: 2014
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Music Review

Parthiban. Ra, who known for his never ending experiments has come back with an intriguing title for his new film. Like the title, he chose to do a, Vasanth here. Who already roped 5 different composers for, Ai nee romba azhaga irukka. With this, KTVI, Parthiban aquired the serives of 4 individuals and honestly all of them have fulfilled the needs/moods of the situtations. The turst in one of the most creative director in our town gets restored once again.

1. Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam

Singer(s): Alphonse Joseph, Rita

The title track is highly imaginative with apt lyrics matches to the mood. Alphonse and Rita both passes their electric sense to the listener right from the tune starts. The violin part in the first interlude stands out. The pop-is base vocal from, Rita, is pretty dreamy. The drums, flutes, and age old classical stories from Tamizh culture as the central point lyrics is definitely a mighty influence from, Parthiban. It’s so good to see a title track extends for more than 7 mins and still does not fade out at any point.

2. Pen Megam Pola

Singer(s): G.V. Prakash, Saindhavi

The real life couple back again to render their sweet voice to one more duet from, Sharreth. G.V is a mighty singer who does not sing often. He nails this gorgeous melody with his butterscotch’s voice. The quality of orchestration deserves a huge applause. Saindhavi merges with the tune and takes the mantle from, G.V. A Carnatic fusion which brings a sudden change of climate with the instruments and vocals alone. A stand out composition which might remain in the top 20 bracket of this year.

3. A for Azhagu

Singer: Ramya NSK

The hero inside, Vijay Antony has eaten the brilliant composer within him. Well, to some extent, Vijay redeems himself with an experimental Arabic touch. Ramya tries to escalate the levels of song with her passionate singing. Barring the Middle Eastern touch which associates to the tune, nothing falls in place. It might grow once it is shown visually at the theatres/music channels.

4. Live the moment

Singer(s): Haricharan, Venkat Prabhu, Premgi Amaran, Shantanu, Nakul

In the recent past, no one has had the love for trumpets like, Thaman. He got a special aficionado to that instrument alone. The entire song sounds like a bit of rehash of, Thaman’s recent blockbuster works from his, Telugu tune. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm from the lead singers gets transferred to our ears pretty easily. An inspiring song which carries lot of verses to usurp something to lead. Like T20 kooda pazhasaagi pochu… T10 nu onna undakku… serves the purpose for this number.

5. Pen megam polvae

Singer(s): G.V. Prakash, Saindhavi

Like every music director, Sharreth wanted to have one more go with his wonderful tune by adding a mid paced drum beats revolving the main theme. G.V. owns this completely. He sounds exquisite and leaves ample space for the tune to revolve around him. The drums just act as an additional cherry to a delightful desert which was already served!