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Vijay Antony - Salim
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C: Muthuraman
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Movie: Salim New
Cast: Vijay Antony, Aksha Pardasany
Music: Vijay Antony
Year: 2014
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Music Review

Vijay Antony’s second outing as, Hero. And, he is back with the character name which earned lot of accolades. The Salim is back to stamp his identity once again

Unnai Kanda Naal MudhalSupriya Joshi, Hemchandra, Srinivasan

There is a pattern to every music director. Right from his, Sukaran days, Vijay Antony got the knack of getting the electronics to dish out fast paced melodies. For some reason, Srinivasan, does sound a bit like, Vijay Antony. The first interlude is worth mentioning for deviation from the main theme. Vijay maintains the tempo throughout the song. Supriya & Hemachandra have fared well to complement the rhythm. The lyrics could have been bit more imaginative to suit the pulsating tune.


Avala NambithaanEmcee Jesz, Mahalingam

We have heard of remixes and rehashes in the past. Vijay has let his imagination run wild with the help of Emcee Jesz. The yesteryear classic, ‘Sambo Sivambo’ from, ‘Ninathaale Inikkum’ and Vijay Antony acting debut movie Naan’s title theme, comes from different a angle and the composer manages to deliver a fascinating remix. Mahalingam’s high pitch singing and Emcee’s rap partners like, Sehwag & Sachin. Vijay’s idea of retaining few verses from original ‘Siva Sambo’ adds lot of glitter. This could well become a huge hit like, ‘Makkayala’.


Mascara PottuSupriya Joshi, Sharmila, Vijay Antony

Another signature tune from Vijay. His voice is pretty unique. It is almost designed to deliver dance numbers. Right from its prelude, it makes the listeners to tap their foot. The catchy phrases addsvalue to the racy tune. Supriya Joshi’s spirited vocals at times outsmart both the tune and his fellow singer. An enjoyable tune which gets all the chords perfectly to dance.


Ulagam UnnaiPrabhu Pandala

The addictive theme music of, ‘Naan’, makes a grand comeback. Prabhu has delivered all the phrases from, Annamalai, in a tone of a man who’s on a mission to accomplish something huge. Electronic guitars during the first interlude pump the rhythm to another level. It is a tough track for any singer to maintain his breath & tempo even in this digital era. The choice of singers throughout the album is really good and this one tops the list.


Prayer - Yusuf

Matching the title and the setting of the movie, Vijay has composed a prayer song. Yusuf’s rendering from Holy Quran is not new for Tamil audience. We’ve had few movies in the recent past to carry a prayer number to fit their story (Viswaroopam & Thirumanam ennum Nikkah). The prayer bells, little chords, and the instruments which surround the vocals of, Yusuf were neatly done. Vijay’s brilliance in introducing the theme track to get along with the prayer notes comes at the end of the song.

Verdict : Vijay Antony has come back once again as a victorious music director for his own film. Though the main theme from, Naan, takes the central orchestration in 3/5 songs, it doesn’t sound like it is forced. The album comprises a sensational remix and some peppy numbers that will make you tap your foot.