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Santhosh Narayanan - Madras
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M: Deva
Y: 1992
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Y: 1985
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Movie: Madras New
Cast: Karthi, Catherine Tresa
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Year: 2014
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Music Review

The return of, Ranith with his find Santosh Narayan has promised so much ever since they announced the project. The tunes of, Attakathi still making its rounds over all the music channels. With Karthi on board, the expectation meter clogged a few more points. In between Attakthi and this project, Santosh already placed him as the best talent in the last two years with, Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum, Villa, Cuckoo, and Jigarthanda. Lets see what he did with, Madras.

Agayam Theepidicha – Pradeep Kumar

Santosh Narayan is back so does the acoustic guitars too. The song takes off, travels, and makes a pleasant landing with guitar leading from the background. As the song progress, one could hear the brilliant acceleration done by the composer with guitars and rest of the instruments. Pradeep has complemented very well with the beautiful tune to evoke the feelings of a lover. The last 30 seconds where Pradeep gets high with the fast paced guitar notes will go on a loop for some time.

Kaakidha Kappal – Gaana Bala

Unlike other genres, Gaana, doesn’t provide ample opportunities to be creative. Somehow, Gaana Bala finds a place to improvise in his every outing. It is Santosh once again who created a western background for a theme focusses on love failure. The steady drums, string sections, trumpets, and chorus goes well with Bala’s vocals. This could well become the next sensational soup song.

Madras – Hariharasudhan, Meenakshi Iyer

As the album unfolds, Santosh keeps thumping the previous songs to dish out a whole new experience. Hariharasudhan has delivered the song with collars up fistful attitude. If you’re a chennaite you will get goosebumps when the song ends with brilliant chorus singing, Enga ooru Madras idhukku naanga daane address. The orchestration stands out once again. At the moment, Santosh got the best technicians and a great place to compose his songs. Every instrument makes its presence felt separately. A new theme for the metropolitan city which celebrates the glory and signature culture of North Madras people.

Naan Nee – Shakthishree Gopalan, Dheekshitha

A glutted number which does not have a launch pad. The song starts off without a apt prelude and takes its own time to set the mood for the melody. Nevertheless, after the first minute, Shakthishree pulls us into the song with her magnetic vocals. The violins take the center stage for a change in a Santosh number. An out of box experimental melody may not go well with the listeners.

Irandhidava – Gaana Bala

Bala returns for a patho based on popular North Madras’ish style. This one is more of a singer’s song than the composer. Santosh ensured he plays a second fiddle to Bala’s vocals and woven a neat theme around the lyrics. With verses like, Puratchi seiya purappatadhe anbe un payanam.. nee pudhumai pala seivadharkkul unakka maranam.. Bala succeds in elevating the sad quotient.

Suvar – Instrumental

The first look posters featured a Suvar (Wall) and the hero Karthi spoke about the importance of a wall in the story. A theme track for the same has ensured the utmost importance of the ‘wall’ in the story. Within 75 seconds, Santosh, stops and start with violins, bells, and a haunting backgroung voice. The way it ends with couple of drum beat like thunderstorm is fabulous.

Kaali love – Instrumental

A lovely track which would allow listeners to imagine their own lyrics to their respective love story. A stellar arrangement of instruments makes this a wonderful listen and a fitting end to a brilliant OST.

Undoubtedly, Santosh Narayan is the best in the recent lot. He is ready for every given genre and scoring blockbusters after blockbusters. He is pretty careful with the projects he’s getting involved which is great to see. Cuckoo and Jigarthanda were almost travelling from North pole to South Pole. With this movie he has proved that he can do any genre with at most ease. Given his success, Santosh Narayan might lead the Tamil music in the years to come.